The Total Looks Are Still The Kings of The Street Style

Months ago that the trend of the total looks He took hold of our wardrobes. And if we take into account the collections spring/summer 2013 and the outfits that many style bloggers hang every day on their blogs, there are signs that This season they will remain the Kings of the street.

The one-colour scarves It is the simplest of all, and more if the colors that you use for this purpose are white and black. Another option is to opt for more bright colors as the first photo red or light blue for the second (including shoes).

The total look of the stamping. This is blue with pandas leading Viviana Volpicella during last week’s Milan fashion is more casual that the of Gala Gonzalez, What Asos. Recently we saw another total print look of Leopard.

And as I’ve said before, this trend It will remain one of the Queens next spring-summer 2013. To sample a button: Stella McCartey and her total look in green, Balmain and his double denim and Tommy Hilfiger and the thousand stripes.