The Thin Line between a Good Look and Bad One

The other day looking at street style looks I found this photo Hallie Daily Blog in which the owner of the blog appears with coat and striped, patterned pants and a simple black stilettos t-shirt. The first impression was “is too” but as the seconds passed, the look was liking me more and more.

It is true that getting that a combination is so well is complicated, but there are people who achieved a trend as difficult as it is the mixture of prints to look good, and may even seem simple, but the truth is that the line between a good look or one that look like an epileptic clown is very, very thin.

And just like with the mix of prints are other trends that (it seems) are going to impose this summer as they are the crop tops that show the navel the hot pants or transparencies. Fear gives me what I find on the streets of the world during the days of heat.