The Secret of the Beauty of the Adventist Woman

Daily we are bombarded with advertisements for miracle diets. They promise to eliminate the extra pounds in a short time through the use of shakes, formulas, some miraculous food intake (and expensive) or exclusion of some nutrients from the diet (which often represents a major risk to health).

Personally, I’m tired of hearing Adventist women complaining about extra weight while maintaining a lifestyle inconsistent with the instructions about health that we have. Some of them make use of these miraculous diets, lose a few pounds, but after they get fat. Other, pose health game in search of a desired body shape and, after losing a few pounds, remain with a body weakened and sick.

Thinking about this reality came to my mind the issue of Reform. In a society enslaved by beauty industry, there is a people that has the secret to a beautiful and healthy body. But … where are the beautiful and healthy women to witness it? Oh! They’re fooling themselves in worldly theories of health and beauty, and leaving on the shelf that God guides us.

This mistake is not new. There in Genesis 6:2 we see already that the worldly beauty swindled the children of God-“the sons of God Saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and for you of all the women who have chosen. ” And increasingly the daughters of God seek opinion with the daughters of men, by copying his ideals of beauty, and practices of care with the body and clothing.

Dear friends, we need no miracle diets, we don’t need worldly secrets for beauty. We need fresh air, sunlight, water, healthy food, exercise, rest, Temperance (or Abstinence) and trust in God. We need to put on observing the principles of modesty. Using properly the guidelines left by God, we will be, without a doubt, the most healthy and beautiful women on the planet. Our brothers of Loma Linda are already among the most enduring human beings on the planet. Why can’t we be among the most beautiful too?

This morning, I read an article in a women’s portal that began like this: “the health of the hair starts with the mouth. There’s no point investing in expensive treatments if you don’t have a healthy diet.” This is a secular portal, which I follow to understand what is being disseminated out there for women in our society. What was written in these few words is a great truth. To the health of the hair depends on our food. And there are no people in this world who have better instructions on how to feed as well as us. Want to have beautiful hair? Long live the message that God left for you!

Dear, who knows beauty is God. He created a world beautiful! He created human beings. The concept of human beauty is contaminated by sin, is corrupted, it’s not perfect. But the concept of divine beauty is perfect. So, is hearing the voice of God that we can be truly beautiful.

The ways that the world offers to the ideas of beauty are destructive. These same ideals are corrupted. “My sisters, we need a reform of the garment. There are many errors in the current fashion of women’s clothing. Is harmful to health and therefore Sin use women tight corsets, or fins, or tightening the waist. These things have a depressing effect on the heart, liver and lungs. The health of the whole organism depends on the sound action of the respiratory organs. Thousands of women have ruined your Constitution, bringing upon himself various diseases, in their efforts to become ill and a sound body and natural artificial. Are unhappy with the provisions of the Nature, and their intense efforts to correct it, and submit it to your ideas regarding beauty, derribam his work, leaving a single wreck.” Selected messages, vol. 2, page. 473. Attention! The harmful worldly methods are sin to God!

Carefully read this other text of the spirit of prophecy: “you must teach the girls that the real charm of femininity is not only in the beauty of form or aspect, or in possession of achievements; but the meek and quiet spirit, patience, generosity, kindness, and the readiness to do something for others and suffer for them. Should be taught to work, studying for a purpose, to live for a purpose, to trust God and fear him, and to respect their parents. The advance in years will become more pure, more confident in yourself and loved ones. It will be impossible to dismiss such a woman. She will escape to the temptations and trials that have been the bane of so many. Health Reformer, December 1877.” Child guidance, p. 140.

A woman who observes the divine statutes on health and clothing, found the real formula of outer beauty. This same woman, doing it for the right reasons (the love of God, attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit Revival) found the true inner beauty formula.

God left us guidelines for us to be healthy and beautiful, inside and out. God called us to be, and not any Lilies Flower of the field. It’s past time we show the world who is who really understands health and beauty-our God!!