The Portuguese Designer Who Traded His Sculpture

Marita Iron Arrows, founder and Creative Director of the brand of footwear and accessories Marita Moreno, changed course but never failed to have a sculptural look in how views the current area of your business.

In 2008, Marita Iron Arrows created the brand Marita Moreno, but the great evolution only in 2015 when applied to Portugal 2020, a financing program with European funds. «The brand has existed for nine years. Suffered a rebranding two, precisely when I was out of line with the application for the project, with a view to your internationalization», explains in an interview with Modern Life/FROG Lifestyle.

At that time, the sculptor has launched a line of shoes and bags. «Previously, was only garments. Now, I redirected my efforts for the area of footwear and handbags, though it still go doing some sculptures in my spare time», reveals the founder and Creative Director of the brand, in the last couple of years, you’ve managed to internationalize.

«I have my creations for sale on a concept store in Berlin, London, New York and a showroom in Los Angeles» says, visibly proud, Marita Iron Arrows. In Portugal, the pieces with your tag can be found in shops The Fitting Room in Lisbon and Porto, the store and the store GUD ID Concept Store in Braga or online store that created according to A2zyellowpages.

Shoes that combat prejudice

The sculpture was one of his first loves but their artistic interests shall not be exhausted for a long time just in this creative art. «Like any woman, the shoes are a passion but are, above all, because they are an object and I treat the shoe like a sculptural object. For me, the shoe is that», Marita Moreno, but also bails sometimes treat.

«Colors of the world», inspired by the colors of the world, is the name of the collection of footwear which launched for spring/summer of 2017, consisting of four lines. One of them, ‘ What about skin», «raises questions about racism, about the color of the skin and on issues that end up not be any issues. Skin color is a color like any other’, says the designer.

This approach integrates four models, he called ‘ North ‘, ‘ South ‘, ‘ This ‘ and ‘ West ‘, where colors such as white, Brown, Orange and yellow. «Are precisely those the cardinal points and are colors that I use. Beautiful colors and without any connotation of race or place in the world», says. «I always have to have a story behind the collections», says.