The Perfect Swimwear for Your Body Type

The countdown for the Easter holidays began.If you have plans to go to a beach or just apply the Acapulco on the roof over the weekend, here we present the best cuts in swimsuits according to your body type.

Halter, push-up, high-waist, bandeau, tank top, trikini, tankini … Find the ideal model sue your figure highlights.

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Body Type: square
For those who do not have pronounced curves on waist and hip, look at these details when choosing a swimsuit:
– Bottom parts with lateral details on the hip, such as laces, moorings, rhinestones or prints. Low-waist cuts to lengthen the torso.
– Halter top, with prints or details on the chest to create volume and frame the shoulders.

Body Type: Hourglass
They are the figures with more accentuated curves and a small waist. They have a very good ratio between chest and hips. Attention with these cuts:
– Thin bottom parts below the waist. They also look amazing with very high waist breeches and low leg cut, pin-up style.
– Parts of top with support of rods (type traditional bras) or in the form of triangle but with good coverage.

Body Type: Triangle
If your hips are wider than your upper body (back and bust), take this information into account:
– Low waist, smooth or patterned parts that make the illusion of thinning hips.
– High detail parts, prints, olanes, with push-up support, halter, or strategic color block to highlight the chest area.

Body Type: Inverted Triangle
If you are a spender or have a lot of bust, but little hip, pay attention to these cuts of bathing suits:
– Parts from below high-waist or to the waist, with details like cutouts or printed.
– Top parts with a lot of support (bras rods) or halter or cross cuts that frame your chest well. Avoid small triangular tops.

Body type: circle
For girls super curvy and plus size there are many flattering options. The key is to show skin strategically and enhance your incredible attributes. Check these options:
– Parts of down high super-waist and with cuts low in the leg. Pleated and draped to conceal belly or with color block and side panels that thin the figure.
– Parts of top with rods and much support, halter or thick straps. Strapless cuffs but with internal support to lift the bust. Dark colors.