The Panamanian, The Summer Hat

This summer I decided that my freckles on nose were what I liked after tanning me and that despite the fact that the rest of my skin perfectly tolerates Sun, mat that take more care of my face. So when I went through paradise southeastern Mexico on the first stop of the trip I found the answer to my prayers of style.

I didn’t want one of those big Beach hats, but something with a little more style and which could be perfectly usable on other occasions without falling into the more formal textures of fabric. So, in Campeche, I discovered the local Panamanian they call jipi (it is not a lack of spelling) and has the advantage that it is made of a natural region, the sisal fiber and that by its tissue can arrujarse, squeeze it, bent and returns to its original shape.

It is the perfect hat for combine with mini-dresses or to take it on the beach with any type of swimsuit or bikini, because it makes one look knot at the time that provides a trendy touch to any outfit. Not is if some of the celebrities who I’ve seen this summer wearing the same type of hat holding a jipi like me, but the Panama Hat in its multiple interpretations is a classic.

Kirsten Dunst apparently it has several models, either lighter or darker. I like as it carries clear with black shirt and wide-leg pants, provides a touch very vintage while they dress and the smaller Panamanian is a sense of Johnny and Ben to the Johnny Deep.

On the other hand, Nicky Hilton You captured exactly what I wanted with my jipi-panamena with this completely summer outfit, dress black Gladiator sandals. A ten for the Hilton sister.

And if they really want one don’t worry, because many firms Street have some at this time of sales that can capture the style as Zara or Sfera, even do not forget to look at the male sections of some shops who always manage this type of hats more for the kids, but that finally may be ideal.