The New Length of The Pants

After years dragging trousers, or leaving the ground floor of the skinny taparan heels or apretujaran at ankle height, gradually the bass of pants are going shorter. Thus we can show off those errant jewels which are the shoes.

If the resource’s This summer has been to roll up sleeves the low pants, for the next winter the designers have opted for cut the pants at ankle height. Are so short both in skinny jeans (like the one seen in the parade of) Balenciaga, Angel Schlesser or Todd Lynn) as in trousers narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. The only ones that take long to the ground are male type pants that showed us collections as of Diane Von Furstenberg.

But this trend is not a seasonal thing, but that the Cruise collections also filled with cropped pants, as the Fuchsia pink skinny from Givenchy and the wide pants by Marc Jacobs. So you know, to teach the ankles!.