The New Leggings And Their Transformations

The leggings have gone from being the most dull and bland fashion garment of any wardrobe, to being one of the indispensable in the closets with more background.

Last season and part of the previous ones, the leggings were established in black, very bland and with the fabric as only material, where the transparency of the fabric varied.

Recently we have been seeing the variation of this garment.Fashion as it progresses seeks the reconversion of what in its time were trousers, tights, or socks. The leggings have largely supplanted all of them, also giving greater importance to the skirt.

They get a rather casual look when they take it, the long shirts of this season have found a perfect match, only that the change of materials entails a change of ideas and styles.

We speak first of all of the leather leggings that are so much seen in the famous ones of the moment. The PVC leggings have been seen in trendsetter of the size of Mary-Kate Olsen, who has bet heavily on this garment, or Rihanna, who rarely have favored it;Not to mention Mischa Barton.

After these leggins, now come the patent leather , resuming the 80s with their shine.

The denim fabric also has its niche in the leggings, and is that if jeans is the basic garment in many styles, why not introduce it here as well. These types of leggings will be welcomed soon.

After them, more risky proposals, such as this golden, only suitable for those who want to attract attention and know how to combine it very well with specific clothing. I would not bother looking for it but there will be those who loved the gold.

Gareth Pugh himself tried to seduce us in his last appearance at the Paris Fashion Week with leggings inspired by architectural forms.

Although the designs of Viktor and Rolf are even more colorful, also in the main image of the review.

While Rodarte plays with the nude and the grid mean to give a risky but very visual point.

Although this garment is typical of certain areas such as those that refer to a more casual style, so rock is the inspiration, Givenchy as a reference brand.