The New Collection of Diesel: a State of Consciousness

Lights, music, models. Quite a spectacle in the Square of Times Square in New York anticipated new year celebrations to celebrate the presentation of Diesel. It was an unforgettable show, where was James Brown dress of Turquoise and Swarovski crystals next to a pristine white choir sound note.

Stars of music, fashion and film gathered in Gotham Hall, a scenario worthy of any Tim Burton film Batman, but in the heart of Broadway and a lavish style.

Lavish is also the new collection that offers us the signature, as it is not a simple walkway that show us which is the trend in pants, but in the words of its creative director Wilbert Das, “Diesel is not a product, is a State of consciousness, a way of life”.

And how not? If over the heads of attendees flying Angels with wings made by the legendary workshop Paris Lemarié dancing to the rhythm of the soul. A lifestyle in which the name of the firm doesn’t vary in any language, is understandable that create a design for a youth without age.

Its creator, Renzo Rosso,according to, He has made a tribute to the purest vintage with a male tunics, shorts and dresses cut halter that transport us directly to the 50’s with its glamour and its cinema. For they stripe of gis, with loose-fitting shirts, shorts and jackets military game with Golden slippers.

A perfect game between yesterday and today, between retro and avant-garde. A true lifestyle that sounds like a James Brown proclaiming ‘I feeeeel gooood!’