The Navy Look, The Stripes Are

Fashion sailor, all for the stripe, so this Navy Look.

As we can see in these two pieces of H & M, stripes, vertical or horizontal, no matter as they are, are the protagonists. In addition, not only in t-shirts, also in dresses, blouses, skirts, and all kinds of accessories, from belts to handbags and, Yes, to shoes and flip flops.

Jackets crossed with silver buttons, subtle pants, jersey, knotted in the back, and moccasins are common supplements along with inevitable streaks, sailor caps and sandals.

Stripes is the predominant element of this new season and see it matching the colors fresher for this summer. That Yes, beware, the stripes are very squeaky, do not combine them with more stripes. Rayas-liso and vice versa and be right.

H & M has shown us his collection “striped”, but also other brands such as Don cotton, Duyos, Lacoste or Kenzo opted for the Navy Look in their collections.