The Most Beautiful Watches

Classic, sports, gold or steel: that gives him the coolest man watches for 2016.

Watches that passion!

Yes, girls is precisely the case to say why the clocks, from the classic template until you get to the more sporty, accessories are not only useful but also essential because they complement and enrich any outfit.

Timeless accessories to wear everyday, glamorous and trendy, the watches are for men what for us women are the jewels: a real must-have watches of eHotelat to which it is difficult to give up.

A true passion, because I represent a real universe of fashion, luxury and elegance.

Having said that, we just have to find out all the models from the most glamorous man for 2016 to make happy your Him during Valentine’s Day, but not only.


Breil for 2016 offers a unique line of men’s watches and full of glamor and trendy ideas.

Starting with the most elegant and sophisticated models until you get to the more casual: acapsule collection extraordinary that meets the tastes and style choices of all men.

Do not miss the model Gap, an accessory sports from the soul with steel bracelet bilux and midnight blue dial, for an essential clock and character; or the model Jester with oversized army green strap, perfect for those who like to show off a rock and a gritty look outfits.


Style, trend and innovation: this is what expresses the new collection of watches signed Man Fossil.

Beautiful and sophisticated is the model Nate Wood-Inspired Watch with leather strap and wooden dial, a unique and original accessory that combines vintage and modernity.

Extraordinary news from Fossil is the Q line that includes watches, created in partnership with Google, with and without digital display and two bracelets with Bluetooth that also the function pedometer calories burned; in addition, with these accessories you can customize notifications with vibrations and colors.

The line Q by extraordinary Fossil is the model Q Grant Chronograph Sand Leather Smartwatch.

Emporio Armani

King George for 2016 offers a line of luxurious and elegant watches with leather straps, silicone or suede, gold details or even aluminum.

Beautiful is the model 3 Balls made ​​entirely of gold rose, a unique accessory and classy.

Another interesting proposal is signed Armani model Color Collection, a young watch, modern and a sporty case with polyurethane and silicone strap turquoise.

For the man who likes to poke fun Emporio Armani he has created the line Manga Bear: an ironic model with rubber strap and a cute teddy bear on the dial.


We can not speak of watches without looking at the world Swatch: the watch brand par excellence.

The icon brand remains true even this year, creating an original collection, youthful and modern.

Fantastic is the model Dark Rebel made ​​of plastic, with silicone strap in total black.

Another model that should not go unnoticed is Gaet, with black silicon strap and details in contrasting colors. A trendy accessory a sporty, perfect for those who like to show off a casual and informal look.