The Most Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses

The bridesmaids of the bride should carefully choose their clothes for the big event. All-American tradition, that of the bridesmaids is a custom that is gaining foot more here too. Bridesmaids are the friends of the bride to come into the Church in procession before her wearing the same clothes or otherwise combined with one another. The bridesmaids we are the witnesses that in addition to accompanying the bride at the entrance, sitting next to her throughout the ceremony and witness the promise of love.

The dresses for the bridesmaids

will be wearing her bridesmaids . Remember that if you impose their style or a particular dress, it would be good practice and good education also offer to pay the bill, often very salty! The bridesmaids have to be distinguished from the other bridesmaids and then wear different clothes: many brides choose then to contrast shorter models for girlfriends and long models, much more elegant for witnesses. From us where this fashion is recent, you can just look in clothes that harmonize perfectly with each other, without necessarily choosing of identical models. Always much loved classic sheath dresses to differentiate thanks to small details such as the length, one shoulder strap or applied flower. Attention to the colors: fine all pastel shades should be avoided, while those that are too dark, unless it comes to winter wedding and especially the white that should be reserved for only the bride.

Accessories for Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids will wear, as the bride, a bouquet: their course will be smaller but remember in all respects to the star of the day. They can also wear small circles provided matched to their dress or maybe, if the marriage takes place in the summer, bring a fan with trendy colors.Remember also that the bridesmaids should think of every eventuality for the bride here is because they will carry with them a spare pair of socks in case the bride breaks her, tricks to touch up your make-up, a bit ‘of perfume, needle and wire, deodorant and all it could serve in an emergency to the bride.