The Microclimate Tropical of The Bloggers Got Me Speechless

DO WTF? That’s the only thing I can think of some times when I enter in the fashion blogs. How is that these girls don’t die by a pneumonia it possible? Is that case have a? VIP in the Emergency Department? Will they live in a microclimate that makes them superior and different from the others? What was born as a phenomenon to inspire in every day, today has proved to be a showcase to the most ridiculous styles (according to what pages look). And is that in the month of December There are some who will think that walk through the snow with platforms and without socks makes them be stylish… Without understanding that the success of a blog it comes when it shows real fashion, as human beings we want to. Or not?

Why is becoming more normal to see to the girls clad in big coats cloth with legs outdoors. Is it that when you get the title of blogger put you stoves legs? If outside it would so understand everything…

Although there are others that directly they are not of our species and come on a strange planet where the snow gives heat and makes that go in braces and legs exposed While there is a snowstorm of those emblematic. I who thought that the days of snow had to take to the streets warm up to eyelashes… Not really. Not to mention that it is well known by all as the better footwear snow are the heels of infarction.

It is the same story every year, but each time my question is more serious. Live the egobloggers in a? tropical microclimate unrelated to the real world?