The Look Is Right: Work with Sport Touch

The work that does not require the formal attire complete, but one in need of tailored pieces and have the shirt always accompanied by a tie, you can win a sport touch in the winter to help vary the style without breaking the rules of the professional environment. We have already a hint of the look with the gilet (vest sport) overlapped by the blazer, now the trick is to use it on the blazer.

The Look Is Right Work with Sport Touch

Why does it work?

Each day that passes, the mixing of elements of tailoring with items and casual with inspiration, the sport is more accepted in work environments, as the elegance is maintained, but we have a visual most original and creative. This combination has elements that reflect a professional concerned with your image, but that has a profile more bold and not afraid to enter pieces that highlight your personality.

The combination of the pants and chino marino with the blazer brown window pane and tie in a darker tone already shows a good taste when choosing items, creating a combo that works well, even if you take the blazer on a day of heat or tie for a happy hour, more at ease. The contrast between the shoes and the parts in brown is great, and even the details of the stripes and checkered are harmonious, but it is important to highlight the vest as a garment that cometh to take away the look of the common place and lend an air of cool and young.

Of course, this kind of feature only works while you are outdoors, inside the office, just stay with the blazer, but it is still an interesting differential.

Try this…

On colder days it added a wool scarf, but not too bulky, the vest already has enough volume!

It would not be the same thing if…

Instead of the gilet we used a jacket, because the visual would be much more dour.

In short:

  • It is important to vary the work clothes and to add your personal touch, if there is space for this, of course;
  • Mix tailoring and pieces with inspiration sports is an option for show-bold;
  • Invest in clothes clean and let the colors take the spotlight, but do not overdo it;
  • The vest sport brings an air of youthful combination, but only use the part in external environments;
  • Add accessories like the scarf, but take care that it does not get too bulky.

Tips complementary:

For chubby – select a vest that doesn’t have much filling or too many details and pockets, this only increases your silhouette, keep everything close to the body.

For shorties – decrease the contrast of the colours to create a body more elongated, including on the vest.

For the altões – if you want you can increase the contrast between the pieces, the more your silhouette to be sliced better. The vest helps because it creates volume and draws attention to the top.