The Latest Photos of Lady Di

Mario Testino is the great architect who after the camera has captured the faces of most beautiful fashion, film, music and even royalty. And who but can capture the spirit of a woman who is an icon of elegance and good taste in the history of fashion in a way so beautiful? anyone else, of course.

When I began to see the photographs I was enchanted, Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales looked radiant, beautiful and elegant at the same time. Behind the sad times in which a perfectly dressed Princess hid her tears behind a bouquet of flowers or looked bored during any official act had been.

This exhibition displayed in Kensington Palace, London, perfectly captures the essence of Diana, which the Peruvian photographer describes as a “mixture of beauty, glamour and nobility” at the same time that exposes some of its iconic dresses. The photographs belong to the series taken to the magazine Vanity Fair in 1997, a few weeks before his tragic death in Paris on August 31 of that same year, so pictures are seen as the latest official made the Princess. The photographer says of them: “I caught a moment through a few snapshots showing the Princess as everyone remembers it today”.

The exhibition, which is divided into two rooms of the Palace, residence of the Princess, It shows us 9 dresses auctioned in New York after his death owned by Catherine Walker, Victor Edelstein, Bruce Oldfield and Hachi who have given them on loan. Which is most remembered was that took on an official visit to the White House in 1985 since saw him dancing with actor John Travolta at the gala dinner.

It is an emotional exhibition, reflecting that Lady Di passed to posterity in the popular imagination. A rich moment for the history of fashion and the world in general. But for those who can not enjoy it, the photos have been edited into a book entitled Diana Princess of Wales by Mario Testino at Kensington Palace: Princess of Wales (Hardcover) and that can be purchased by Amazon at a cost of 26.30 dollars, plus postage.