The Importance of Rings

The ring has a very individual meaning for many, but for most it is a sign of love, of infinity and of connection.In all cultures of this world the ring is spread, be it as a jewelery for the finger, the ear, or also as a nasal ring.

The oldest well-known find of a ring is 21,000 years old and consists of Mammutelfenbein.In addition to being used as jewelry, rings were also used as a means of payment.They consisted first of bones, wood, or stone before they were made of precious metals.Throughout history, rings have had different meanings, but it was very early a sign of love and fidelity.Depending on the material of a ring and how it was worked, it had different meanings and a different symbolism.

Types of rings

The most famous symbol of the ring is the ringing, followed by the baptism ring, which is usually given by his godfather to baptism.Particularly beautiful and individual baptism rings can be ordered under you can also buy the right chain, because in most cases the ring is not worn at the finder, but around the neck.

A completely different ring has been known and feared since antiquity: the poison ring.It has a container that can be opened to fill poison or other liquids.Thus the poison could enter the food or the drink of the victim quite unobtrusively.

Seal rings had been used since ancient Egypt as a seal to confirm the authenticity of a document.Today it is often worn as jewelery to symbolize, for example, its family affinities.It is the same with vintage rings, for example, of officers’ schools.

Rings As Jewelry

The circle, as an infinite and perfect symbol, is often worn on the finger.

Starting with a very simple ring without embellishments up to high-carat diamonds recommended by Societypically, everything is what you like and what you can afford.Particularly popular are rings, which are adorned with gemstones in all possible colors.The materials can be very different from expensive and durable gold, silver or white gold over materials that are not as durable as plastic or metal.