The Hoodies Also Have Style, Just Have to Know How to Wear Them

The sweatshirts are fashionable. We see them on the runway, in tents and in the streets. Comfortable, informal and easy to combine. Last year the sweatshirts were new clothes that most arrived in stores. A garment with style What must know how to look in the Street looks. Combines with everything, even with the most spring miniskirts of the look of Martina.

Sweatshirts with your written either monochromatic message with your sporty style in the shot and tissue. Cowboys and sports are fine to combine but there are more lives out these ideas. Even with the leather and hats of the moment, as of Josefin Dahlberg. Better collected and converted into three-quarter sleeves.

The modern version goes through bet everything on the broader measures, as it does Daniella Robins, who suddenly breaks expected with a more typical of a party look clutch.

Photos | Martina M, Josefin Dahlberg, Daniella Robins

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