The Generosity of Beyonce by Allowing One of His Dancers Stop The Show Promise in Scene

Posted by admin on November 8, 2017

Two days ago, during a concert held in St. Louis (Missouri) -forming part of the tour The Formation World Tour -just after singing “Single Ladies”, one of the fans favorite songs of Beyoncé, This sent to stop the show. All to invite to go on stage to the well-known dancer John Silver, very elegant dress with a white jacket.

And no, it was not a new dance step, but that young had been in accordance with the Bye Queen to ask his girlfriend, married the dancer Ashley Everett in front of all the stadium.

Beyonce gave him his microphone, and the young man moved towards his girlfriend with a decided step. After dedicating tender words which made cry of emotion to the surprised Ashley, John had no hesitation in get on your knees, hold in one hand a little box and ask the dancer If I wanted to marry him.

Without saying that Ashley did not think it was twice and after embracing her entrepreneur boyfriend, both came to Beyonce to thank you for your generosity, and the making of Celestina Since it was she who presented them. The rest of the dancers joined the collective embrace. As it is logical and natural, all the spectators excited attended surprise.

But as I said Freddie Mercury: “The show most go on!”, so the Queen Bye and all their bees continued with the show dancing at frenetic pace, although whenever he could Ashley placed his hand in such a way that you could well see his ring of ordered.

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