The Flappers in The Crazy Twenties!

Posted by admin on June 1, 2017

The twenties, the Golden twenties they were the days of glamour and the birth of the Flappers. It was the home of the modern woman, the origin of a new woman.

A new lifestyle of young women who wore short skirts, not wearing a corset, wore a special haircut, the famous bob cut, listened to jazz, who also danced was born with the flappers. They wore a lot of makeup, drank spirits, smoked, driving, often at high speed, and had other similar behaviors, which were a challenge to the laws or contrary to what is considered socially correct.

The term Flapper appeared initially in Britain and was introduced into the United States by authors as F. Scott Fitzgerald in “The lost generation” and artists such as John Held Jr. and was used to describe young girls, who still somehow rebels had become ladies, sexy women with an unconventional lifestyle,.

Who were the flappers?

The flappers they were young, single class medium who had a job in the changing American economy, mostly as secretaries, telephone operators, or selling in department stores. They were born in the 1920’s during the Jazz was, after the first world war and before the great depression.

The Women drank, smoked, driving, They danced the Charleston and listened to music jazz… they were a new generation that broke away from the values and traditional customs of the time until then capable of defying the laws.

The divas of the 20′ fashion

The designer was inspired by Art Deco. Their dresses were loose with feathers and fringes as basic details. they ended up with a corset, a garment that was a tie. New life, free and much more fun, more social events and thus required a new way of dressing with clothes that already insinuating.

BDBA spring-summer 2013

A mysterious image of white complexion, which was completed by accessories, at that time very ornate, and with necklaces of pearls as a perfect complement… and accessories for hair and head: caps, bands, turbans, touched to mode of DIAdem, they were essential at that time and always with high gloss and many sequins.

A trend that currently dominates. Many are designers who introduce this style in their collections: Gucci, Chanel, Armani and many more with new versions, but with this touch of 20′.

Mango spring-summer 2013

Women joined the work, cut hair at la Garçonne and their day costumes were simple. Designing the dresses put them fashionable a such Coco Chanel, that became an icon of the fashion of that time. Their models were adopted by the flappers. More later, specifically in 1926, Coco Chanel created the Little Black Dress a symbol of fashion and our wardrobe.

Paula of Vas

Within a month we’ll see on the big screen The Great Gatsby, a film which shows perfectly this style of the crazy years 20′. Her wardrobe deserves a post apart. I promise within a few days, on a closer to its release date.

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