The Field Jacket

It is often very tailored and dressy here on our site but we think it’s great to highlight the influences from different corners of male fashion. One example is perhaps most interesting spring outerwear namely Field Jacket. Preferably in a functional lättviktstyg with water repellent properties that facilitate a Swedish spring.

The model has received a major boost in recent years and is based on the M65 jacket from Alpha Industries worn by US soldiers during eg the Vietnam War. Although this jacket is a design classic, we prefer a modern interpretation in a little narrow fit and with a more functional materials other than cotton.

Best in färgväg think we Field Jacket makes itself in dull shades of olive green, dark blue or beige. Depending on the application, you can either choose one with a removable lining that works in earlier spring or a thinner for summer. Although the model is undoubtedly seen as a free outer garment, it can work very well over a blazer for a casual interpretation.

The characteristic four pockets on the front are very practical things that are otherwise less suitable for his jacket pockets and most models have an elastic that can be tightened at the waist if you want to modellan be more marked at the waist.

We have looked at a few models on the market that we feel extra about.