The Fashion Book of The Week: Coolhunting Digital. Hunting for The Latest Trends

Finally a book here! The Book of fashion This week is a good recommendation for those addicted to the trends, but also to those who have grown thanks to the Internet. Do you know what a coolhunter? And a digital coolhunter? This book has all the keys to learn the modern profession in the world.

Internet and digital media have revolutionized the coolhunting. A few years ago, the coolhunter was a person whose second residence was the aircraft, which transferred him to London, Tokyo or NY, in constant search of everything new. Now, thanks to the Internet many of the innovations are known from home, and just a click is possible to access and analyze the latest trends, follow to trendsetters, discover the most avant-garde styles located in the streets of the most influential cities and a long etcetera.

This book, edited by Anaya, goes beyond others already on the market trends, being its aim provide a much more close and practical of the coolhunting with digital media, called vision coolhunting 2.0, and show through its pages the possibilities offered by digital tools for identification, prediction, analysis, and global trends hunting; knowledge that the reader can apply finally both in his personal and professional.

The book, which is read from the flip, comprises three main blocks. The first chapters of this book are dedicated to the figure of the coolhunter: how they work, methods used and how to define what is or is not cool. They are included in subsequent chapters, resources online to display all kinds of international trends, also doing a tour of the most influential digital media. Finally, discusses the trends of consumption by means of shopping on-line and digital tools for the realization of coolhunting and creation of panels of trends.

Some interesting links

We are not going to further gut the book (far) but you step some of the links to Web sites and blogs that the author, Anna Maria Lopez, recommends, and that my have been a great discovery (as they are among my favorites):

  • Fashionary: undoubtedly one of the most interesting fashion in Spanish portals. As they themselves “current trends mark a new way to communicate… everything should be a click away”.
  • Trendhunter: The author herself is a regular contributor to this site, specialized in discover everything new that is happening in the world of fashion, textile, technology and advertising.

-More more: a blog of agency that will gut and analyze trends that are still coming.

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