The Covers of The Magazines of Fashion

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In a previous post I showed the cover of the magazine Vogue Portugal because it seemed risky and very good aesthetically. In Jezebel, we often review magazine covers: which model or celebrity appears, wearing what dress, who photograph… Fashion magazines care (or should be) their covers since it is the first in what we look and, finally and after all, a magazine has to enter through the eyes.

There is a traditional form (and in my opinion somewhat outdated) make covers that boils down to an idea: ‘horror vacui’. The magazines want to highlight on the cover many more topics better (well, sure that at least one attracts us). The problem is that the cover is so saturated that, ultimately, does not stand out nothing.

In Spain, there is only a magazine (which I have proof) that dares to make empty, clean and minimalist covers: Esquire. Female fashion magazines, on the other hand, tend to oversaturate your cover.

One of the magazines with more fame make good covers is Vogue Italy (a well-deserved fame), with the genius of the photographer Steven Meisel. The image above corresponds to the new cover of the magazine for the month of March.

It is true that the covers of Vogue Italy are very peculiar, but artistically maybe stand out more than the compositions of Number o I-d (above). These publications risk and make front pages out of the ordinary, very contemporary. In any case, important thing is image, not review summary.

Today I have discovered another magazine which makes a cover of exception: the Italian Edition of Marie Claire (see images at the beginning of the post). Without a photographer as Meisel, in cover they dare to give more importance to the image than to the content of the magazine, and it is something that is appreciated. They are not like the I-d covers but they have grace. It will be that Italians have a superior artistic sensitivity due to its history. For when some covers as well in the Spanish fashion magazines?


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