The Best Looks of the Last Decade

The last Thursday not only cerrabamos an annual chapter but we entered into in the year that he will shelve in a decade marked by great changes not only to political and social level, but that as a direct result of this, has also led to a 180 degree turn on style issues. Fashion has evolved and devolved into equal parts game, and is that even though over the years translates into innovation, it does also in return to the origins.

In the end, fashion to go forward or backward, which makes most is recycled. Here goes then a review year by year of the best looks worn by the celebrities during the last decade. Well, almost. For 2010 leave it for 363 days.

In 2000 We start with a trio of ACEs that inaugurated the second Millennium well differently: Uma Thurman, Jean Paul Gaultier in Cannes, Charlize Theron, Vera Wang at the Oscars, and Jennifer Lopez Versace at the Grammy’s.

Although the back of Cate Blanchett at the Oscars was the most talked about that year.

In 2001 I am not going to review the best look but the worst. Cameron Diaz, actress fashion par excellence is that time, it showed that it can destroy a Jean Paul Gaultier in the twinkling of an eye.

I guess that aware of your kick to good taste, Diaz amending his mistake becoming the most elegant of 2002 with a look that if you wore, would return to embroider: this wonderful dress by Emanuel Ungaro tuco the wisdom of choosing and accesorizar to perfection.

Cameron was not the only one to provide a retro touch to the year: Jennifer Aniston took the Palm with this vintage Christian Dior nude color.

In 2003 Sarah Jessica Parker It definitely went toward elegance with uppercase,

the year in which Kate Moss became Muse retro,

with permission of Sienna Miller (here’s Alexander McQuen)…

And the year in which Penelope Cruz discovered the Chanel.

In 2004 Diane Kruger He began to make a run for the title of best dressed of the Decade.

And the Olsen twins began to gain a foothold in the world of fashion and already outlining what would be the phenomenon it girl of today.

In 2005 Kirsten Dunst of becoming Muse indie (here from Christian Lacroix Haute Couture),

with the permission of Chloe Sevigny (here’s Yves Saint Laurent).

While, Gwyneth Paltrow He formalized his friendship with Stella McCartney and dressed her for the Oscars that year making a must have of red carpet makeup color.

In 2006 dress to remember enfundaba it is Michelle Williams Oscar and Vera Wang signed it.

And it had the look that we will never forget Kirsten Dunst in one of the premières of Marie Antoinette and was by Rochas.

2007 was the year of a Keira Knightley eventful whose main success was its partnership with Chanel.

That was a year in which Gwyneth repeated magic formula with the pink color on the red carpet and couldn’t be prettier in Zac Posen.

And the year in which Mischa Barton decided to make a gap between the stars of Hollywood and became a fashion girl.

Although the reins of style retro cool Kirsten Dunst wearing them

And the best look of the year signed it Kate Moss at the MET gala.

2008 It was the year of the mini-dresses of Gwyneth Paltrow.

The year of the consecration of the Olsens as icons of style.

And the year of a young actress called Anne Hathaway.

The best of 2009 have still fresh and he is here and here.