The Best Guide to How and When You Should Fold Your Pants

One of the great gifts that have the fashionistas is to know how to adjust your clothes according to the accessories that will match it. A great example of this are all these girls that seem to look perfect with its folded jeans provided.

The Best Guide to How and When You Should Fold Your Pants

And when one tries to make its folds in your house, the thing not always comes out as a wait… and you end up taking your jeans without bending because… it is easier.

So this does not again to spend here a practical guide with everything you must know about how, when and how much to bend their jeans.

Fold types

Simple fold

It is the bending that is done only once with the fabric. Fold width varies according to the type of pants and shoes, which can go from a finger up to 5 fingers. This fold looks better with skinny jeans or straight-cut jeans. To fold it, use your fingers as a reference, so that both legs are equal to you.

Bending thickness

This is the fold that looks wider at your ankles. It can be super symmetrical or a chubby fold without much form. You can bend them from 2 times to that you think is necessary and you can make them with skinny jeans, boyfriend cut, straight leg, or super wide.

Double fold

There is another type of fold with 2 turns which is more classic. The ideal situation is to fold the pants before you get it, so there are exactly the same height and the same width 2 legs and you looks better with skinny jeans or jeans straight leg.

When you should fold the jeans?

You can fold your pants when you want to look over your shoes, when the pants you have left too long, when you want a more casual look with your flats or when using boots like these:

For these cases (which may just be flat boots or sandals) can apply 2 types of folds:

For this there is no rule, which like most looks like is ideal for you.

Fold and jeans according to shoes

Now, you can use your jeans folded with many types of shoes (in fact almost all). The choice of the type of fold will depend on the shape of your jeans and shoes. Check out these examples:

Boyfriend cut with flats

Leg straight with heels

Skinny jeans with heels

Skinny jeans with flats

Skinny jeans with ankle boots

Skinny jeans with tennis

Boyfriend cut with tennis

What is your favorite style?