The Art of Wearing a Crop Top

Posted by admin on June 10, 2017
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The return of the ‘ 90s He did that stores flood tops that let gut air. Yes, talk about the dreaded crop tops not suitable for those that still have not been with the operation bikini. But there are girls who have a savoir faire, a special charm (or as you call it) and they look them as if nothing. And of course, the result is envy: If you know how to do it feel great. I call it the art of combining a crop top, although each name you want to can be attributed.

There are girls who have a thin Constitution of itself, that is why these items are made for your use and enjoyment. That have a couple of more floats must be a gym of their result, or combine these kinds of items with high-waisted pants to cover most possible meat.

Our options

As I have already said, it is not difficult to find this type of top in stores: wherever we go we find different versions. What you decant? First think about the outfit you want to wear and to add this shirt, what style favors you more? We can choose between the sophisticated, the rollera or the simple.

  • In white color with halter neck of Mango, 19.99 EUR.
  • Type sweatshirt with message of Miss Guided, 16,85 euros.
  • Short top washed with low GI of ASOs, 15,91 euros.

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