The 10 Clothing Essentials from The Autumn/Winter 08-09

As all seasons, plays we make a recommendation of the articles that can not miss in your wardrobe this fall settings:

(1) a big collar to carry on dresses, sweaters or coats. Returns exaggerated jewelry to wear anytime of the day, whether they are stones, as in the parade of Burberry Prorsum, chains or crosses, as in Givenchy. In Mango We have jewellery necklaces that give color to any set.

2) Black leather pants. Seen in parades of Givenchy, in Zara We can find a cheaper version. The problem is that it is a garment that does not feel well at all, but can be replaced by a Black skinny cowboy.

(3) one Black blouse with lace, as ideal complement of black leather pants. The idea is to get a Gothic or Victorian look.

(4) as a garment star, a Reefer men three quarters, to carry over delicate dresses as proposed in Chloe. The sailors jackets with gold buttons they will be the stars of the winter.

(5) another possibility to put on warmer clothes in more cold days is to invest in furs, vests or jackets. Are with wide belts to decrease volume.

(6) a dress. The possibilities are vast, from the Black Lace dress for the most elegant occasions up to the Chloe’s or Michael Kors floral dresses, or style rocker with tacks and brightness of Balmain, very much in the line of the 80.

7) Knee high boots. Another garment that is difficult if you don’t have a few hairline and long legs. They can be on top of the skinny or under dresses.

8) Wide trousers. Wide at the hips and narrow ankles, that is the pattern to follow. Saw them in Yves Saint Laurent And in Louis Vuitton. They allow to go elegant and at the same time, the latest fashion.

(9) a miniskirt with flight. As proposed by Gucci, in black, is an excellent choice.

(10) a shirt pictures. It is the first winter that is seen on the street. Both the long version, which takes as a dress, and most smaller version, to accompany the Cowboys, are the best seller of the autumn. In Zara and Sfera There are many versions.