Tell Me If I Did Not Get the Perfect Excuse

Hello Hello! I need to buy shallow shoes, tell me if I did not get the perfect excuse.Do you remember Monday that I was complaining that I was on the run because of Saturday’s wedding ?Her head was tired from the few hours of sleep and her body had not responded in the same way.In fact I had some reason to complain, at the beginning of the week they were aching all over, but as the days went on, they began to focus on the back.They were really horrible, to the point that I could no longer get up with the usual ease.

I decided to ask for help from an osteopath and physiotherapist who did wonders with my back, gave me some news about my body and recommended several precautions.It seems that my spine is straight, without natural curves, this is not good because the weight ends up always focusing on the same area.As I made an exaggerated effort during the weekend, I had a muscle contraction.To solve this problem, in addition to the sessions of physical therapy that I have to do, I was advised to enroll in pilates quickly and to walk in low heels for a few days according to Automotiveqna.

I’ll follow the advice and sign up for pilates soon, I just need to organize the activities of the girls to see where I fit this need.But the biggest question, though it seems futile, is that of shoes.I’m completely crazy about high heels, that is, I can not wear 95% of the shoes I have.And the shallows are tennis or sandals, that is, they do not give to work.

From the problem I quickly passed the opportunity, I have the perfect excuse to justify to my husband a trip to the shopping It is a health issue, I really need to buy shallow shoes for work.I started in the same second to do my research in the new collections and there are so many possibilities tours that the difficult will be to choose.