Taking Care of Shoes

We love our shoes-no matter whether they are ballerinas, sneakers, pumps, ankle boots,slippers or sandals. We do not want to miss it, so it is important that our favorite pieces regularly receive the best care. However, how do you know how this looks?

So Different The Shoes-As Different The Shoe Care

General Care Tips

Clean your shoes regularly with a soft cloth or a brush specially adapted to the upper material before using any cleaning agent. Only clean leather can take care products – preferably before the first wearing. After each wearing a shoe tensioner or, the somewhat cheaper variant, crumpled newspaper paper in the shoe. Thus, walking folds are smoothed and the moisture is absorbed. Do not dry the shoes near or under any circumstances on the heater. This damages the leather, it becomes hard and brittle. In addition, it is useful not to wear the same shoes every day so they can dry well. (Is probably not a problem for the shoe deceased among you )

Care Tips For Textiles

Textile shoes are quickly dirty and unsightly without appropriate pretreatment. This is why these shoes are best treated with a special textile protective spray before you wear it for the first time.If the shoes are dirty, they can be cleaned with soapy water or clear water. However, never wash your shoes in the washing machine. This damages the shoes and your washing machine. In addition, the warranty will be void in case of washing machine and shoes due to improper handling.

Care Tips For Leather & Synthetics

Smooth leather: It is best to treat the shoes with an impregnation spray before you wear it for the first time according to Businessjust. Please note that these sprays should not be used indoors.

Rough leather (suede and nubuck leather): Because it is more sensitive than smooth leather, it also needs special nubuck or suede leather sprays. There are also special color fluids for refreshing the color of nubuck or suede. Unsuitable sprays can damage the surface and cause more harm than good.

Lacquer leather: Simply clean with a damp cloth. For the care in any case use cleaning agents, which are especially suitable for lacquer leather. Normal shoe polish leaves streaks on the upper material and is therefore unsuitable.

Synthetic material: May only be treated with special care products. Never use leather impregnation sprays. These agents will damage the upper material, and you will lose the warranty and warranty claims through improper handling.

So, dear shoe fans now you know exactly how we should cultivate our faithful companion.Tomorrow you have no more excuse! Have fun with scrubbing, spraying and polishing!

PS: I`m walking also has some of the mentioned care products & aids . The next time you order the appropriate care products when you buy your new shoes, the perfect shoe care is guaranteed in any case.