How to Wear a White Shirt Casually

Classic white shirt too? With these 25 ideas for looks spotted on Pinterest, you will definitely change your mind about this basic essential! This is a basic, indispensable for all wardrobes-if it’s not, it’s time to remedy!


The White Shirt Three Lessons

Nothing is more flattering than a white shirt. GQ gives you the codes for good in all situations. Yes GQ changes his mind like a shirt! If this summer, we advise you to adopt a flower pattern in the fall, we ask you simply to forget in your closet (or burn on the altar of fashion, c […]

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Victorian Collar Shirt

Reminiscent of the major-league era, Victorian shirt brings a bit of poetry in our urban outfits. Quick guide to take ownership without seeming disguise.


Womens Long Sleeve White Shirt

Obvious piece of women’s wardrobe, the white shirt back yet. Back on the route of a garment that has defied the traces of time. Contrary to appearances, the white shirt has long been considered an undergarment. In the 19th century, she had to stay out of sight, under the jackets and coats of man. In reality, only the […]


How to Wear a White Shirt in Summer

Heatwave forces, it twists our eternal white shirt in many ways.Demonstration. The white shirt knotted to a retro spirit As Kirsten Dunst, you can wear the white shirt knotted at the waist with a skirt in denim or suede for a pin up spirit of the 50s . Our fashion tip: With a denim high waist way Marilyn Monroe, the […]


How to Wear a Shirt With Style ?

Ollaaaaa! Attention reversal of the poles at 360°! We are the upside, the world reversed, our universe turned upside down… And yet we are not in a capsule of the Apollo 13 space shuttle or spatio-temporal orbit. No, no nothing like that! If your Girl Scouts are all vice and versa, because we realized that the world was […]


Why Choose a White Shirt?

The colors have their meanings, and choose to wear a white shirt can have a symbolic unsuspected. Although white is not exactly a color, it is omnipresent in our societies. In the West, white is often synonymous with unity, perfect balance. Used for weddings, white refers to the purity, virginity, peace, generosity, brightness, or to perfection and […]


How to Wear the White Shirt

It symbolizes the elegance but also the cool side and effortless. Just wear it to feel dressed, kind of like the little black dress. Our site and Our site gives you some ideas to look good in a white shirt. Originally the white shirt is a men’s underwear. It is from 60-70 years she joined the women’s […]


How to Wear Shirt Fashionably

Once relegated to the status of underwear, the shirt was elevated to a basic fashion in advocating a refinement in its purest form. Decryption.