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Learn How to Choose and Wear Glasses

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The book recently released by Senac publisher brings interesting tips to anyone who needs the accessory and does not want to be out of style. There is still a bit of history and the origin of the lenses By Sonia Nascimento*The book “Attentive Look – How to Choose and Wear Glasses”, by Francisco Ventura and Deborah Sollito Ventura(SENAC Editora, 328 pp., R $[ (more…)

Types of Glasses for Each Face

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The sunglasses or degree are indispensable companions and inseparable of every woman, besides protecting the eyes make the production much more interesting. In case you are forced to use them every day, it is super important that you know how to use them and leave them in your favor, right?  (more…)

Learn to Choose the Perfect Frames for Your Face

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Choosing the pair of glasses perfect for accompanying you in the day-to-day, graduate and / or sunshine, is no easy task: however beautiful the frames are, do not just flirt them in the storefront, you must also like To see them on your face.

See Tips for Betting on the Summer Hit

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Dearest of the famous, the accessory must be in the suitcase. Whether on Instagram, on the streets or in the magazines, the  mirrored glasses  appear as the protagonist of this summer’s looks. Colorful and very fun, they match any skin tone, hair and face shape.

Wayfarer Sunglasses Online

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Sunglasses come in many colors and shapes, and one of them is called the Wayfarer. Wayfarer glasses can be connected with a wide range of fashion icons from Bob Dylan to Marilyn Monroe. The largest producer of wayfarer’s Ray-Ban, which started production of wayfarer sunglasses in 1956. The frames quickly became popular, as up until […]