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DIY Ideas To Create With Recycled Wall Clocks

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Each time makes more sense recycling in our homes, since as you know, the majority of the objects that we believe that they are already useless, we always end up giving shaped to give it a new life, thanks to the internet today can find the idea or the creative spark to use virtually any object to create another. As well, today turn them to wall clocks. (more…)

Nomon Watches, Steel Collection of Modern Wall Clocks

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4i Nomon Suspension Points Watch

Nomon is a Spanish manufacturer of modern timepieces which is one of the leading worldwide companies in the manufacture of modern wall clocks.His pieces are known all over the world and imported from any corner.A large part of its current production is destined for other countries. (more…)

A Handmade Clock to Decorate Our Wall

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Sometimes we have a big wall to decorate and we do not get to choose any way to decorate it that we like. Either we put something big to flood the entire wall, or we put several small things that will splatter it. After trying several options nothing convinces us and then what do we ? Well […]

Home Wall Clocks

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As functional as aesthetic, the clocks stopd home are essential elements to any person. Regardless of the style with the dress room, nor the type of decoration that look the wall, always should be a space for placement of watches.