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Indian Jewelry from the Estate of the Maharajas

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If you want to immerse yourself for an hour or two in the breathtaking world of the Indian Maharajah, you have to do so until September 1, 2013 in the Augsburg Schaezlerpalais in part of the exhibition “Jewelry of the maharajas – from the treasuries of Indian Princes” the possibility. Over 100 pieces of Indian jewellery are illuminated in single mounts, and by both sides to see, which are dated from the 16th to the 19th century.


Box Jewelry Box with Decoupage

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Hola a tod@s! After a few days of crazy, i.e. Boli go all week today finally I can sit to write for blogs, I want to show a jeweler who I’ve decorated him already several weeks I had the box but not I had put to it because it did not have very clear how to do it, so when I saw the papers that I have used I fell in love with them and bought them because there is mixture of 3 papers but in one of them that I put has been the eiffel tower that cut with patience and then overlayed on the other, paper the sides and in the back is a folder that I caught in a promo of lidl because sometimes they have things very gitanos!  (more…)

Magical Hair Jewelry: 60-Euro Voucher for Bellejulie

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Psssst… Girls! Now please turn the screen of the loved ones if you want to surprise him on the wedding day with your outfit. Because the advent calendar is today about the icing on the cake aloft over a wedding dress to your hairstyle namely! I know, I know, real flowers and wreaths made of twigs and green are […]

Bridal Jewelry from Romantic to Modern

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Warm spring light falls in a wide beam in the old cowshed, while the young woman gently holds the hands gem. Sparkling breaks the light beam in the small diamond that sparkles between two white petals.

Jewelry Really Put in Scene

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If you have your handmade jewelry sold, ever on a jewelry party displayed or offered on a craft market, then you know how important it is that it’s up to the presentation. You can set your jewelry right in scene with some tips.

Jewelry Manufacture on Request

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Once you have achieved once a little notoriety with your jewelry, you get probably requests for personalized jewelry pieces. It makes me always have fun but I don’t always have time for. If I’m not in a hurry, I like to do it. Over the years I’ve collected quite a lot of experience and I would like […]