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Where the Girls of Shopping Their Outfits Bought Queen

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The secret is out–Guido Maria Kretschmer has named Queen of the year its shopping. With a furious finale full of surprises, a successful shopping went Queen year end on Sunday evening. A total of 252 candidates shopped in 42 cities and all 64 x was awarded the Crown.

To the competition for the title of the year 2016, Guido called of course in his adopted country after Berlin. Here, four weekly winners selected personally by him were allowed to go again in the race. Lisa from Bremen, Babs from Ulm, Anja from Hamburg and Patrizia from Düsseldorf have convinced the designer for her style, her personality or her unbeatable points.


Top Accessories for Autumn & Amp

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Still, one may not think in the fall or winter, but both nigh unstoppable. Again autumn fashion types in the game come from a fashion perspective. Because, we can welcome as well as on those that you must install in a multilayer principle or slowly einmotten. In addition, gentle transitions remain us. A Michael Kors sunglasses remains a valued accessory in the following months. The sun sinks in the fall increasingly deeper. You also still quite beautiful shine when there is snow. We have looked around us in some shops, what there is else new, great accessories for Impressions and co. for the autumn and winter.


The New Winter Collection of Superdry

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The collections of Superdry merges partial Japanese graphics with the remarkable achievements of British tailoring. In addition the American style of the 60s and 70s. A style that community including many celebrities delighted a wide fan. Evidence of the fact that Superdry, founded in 1985, is sold in approximately 101 countries.Departments are sold in independent shops as well […]

Start with the Matching Accessories in the Best Time

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The warm day finally came and with them, the desire for fresh and exciting accessories, wake up the spring fever. In addition, accessories play an important role in the compilation of the own looks. With the right accessories, an outfit in the blink of an eye can be upgraded.

March Outfit

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Our March outfit is a pattern combination for a city tour in Venice. With this combination you can let see you but also in any other city to wander around. Ourjackets pattern 626001 here we have sewn jeans double face from one.

Fashion Autumn Winter – Opportunity to Find Modest Clothing

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Every year the fashion industry introduces at least 2 types of clothes – fashion spring-summer and autumn-winter fashion. It is common that we have a lot of trouble finding decent clothes that meet the requirements of modesty. So we’d like to leave a special tip for women who feel this difficulty. The autumn-winter fashion usually […]

Clothing for the Church

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“And he said: don’t go here; take off your shoes from your feet; because the place where you are is holy ground. ” Exodus 3:5 This is a well-known Bible verse. There was nothing different about that land where Moses was standing with his Sandals but the holiness of the presence of God. This verse […]

The Secret of the Beauty of the Adventist Woman

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Daily we are bombarded with advertisements for miracle diets. They promise to eliminate the extra pounds in a short time through the use of shakes, formulas, some miraculous food intake (and expensive) or exclusion of some nutrients from the diet (which often represents a major risk to health). Personally, I’m tired of hearing Adventist women […]

Why Do We Need to Talk about Clothing?

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Talk about clothing is something complicated. A lot of people (mainly female) doesn’t like to hear about it because it says to your weak point. If you preach and defend the Christian modesty, is easily called Loyalist, extremist, Pharisee, and others more generally pejorative adjectives. Once, on one of my studies on the topic, I […]

Stewardship in Clothing: Part 1

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“And he, calling him, said to him: What is this that I hear of thee? Give your stewardship accounts, because you can be my Butler.” Luke 16:2 When it comes to stewardship, some people associate this word directly to money, tithes and offerings. It is true that stewardship includes the administration of financial assets, but […]

Stewardship in Clothing

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“And he, calling him, said to him: What is this that I hear of thee? Give your stewardship accounts, because you can be my Butler.” Luke 16:2 A few days ago, we published a post with the title “Stewardship in clothing – part 1”. We will close today, with part 2, a reflection about the […]

Children’s Clothing by Adidas: Footwear and Children Clothes

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Adidas has become known worldwide as a manufacturer of adult fashion and sportswear. Through continuous innovation over the past decades, adidas has taken a pioneering role in sports clothing and above all in the field of sports shoes. For some time, adidas produces nowchildren’s fashion. This of course also as high as the large counterparts stay adidas products. In particular, the adidas kids […]

Sell Used Clothing on the Internet

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It does a lot on the subject of trade in second-hand goods on the Internet themselves. Who second hand clothing would like to sell online, surely know platforms such as eBay, but also the specialized platforms like second hand kleidung. org, where you can even free offered his garments. But also a new marketplace on the […]

Lost Clothing, Tagesoutfits & Amp

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And now we have come in the last day of the year. Crazy. Do I hope, everyone has been big plans for tonight? 

Choice of Cotton or Polyester Clothing Depending on Its Use

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The textile market offers a wide variety of garments made from different raw materials. We can find 100% cotton garments, as well as 100% 100% polyester, but also with a mixture of both, and also nylon fabrics, or cotton and elastane, among other possibilities.

Crochet Patterns for Children’s Clothing

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Children-flowers of our life. And for them to take care, not only to feed and educate, but also to wear. And this should be done continuously, because they grow very quickly.

15 Reasons Why You Never Wear Clothing

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I constantly wear some clothes without thinking about it. Often not even more striking me, if they fade slowly, stretching out or show other signs of aging. At least until the next Closet inventory. In other pieces of clothing, I wonder why I always still not have had on them. Because they lurk in nearly […]

Vintage Sales In June 2016

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Love strollers, Social media is often a challenge. Like I want to share everything with you what I see, especially so useful as an eyes light up letting sale at one of the many retro dealers and vintage labels. But you know it: too much post anything more properly angezeogt-will very quickly and so many great offers […]