Calvin Klein Cruise Collection

Summer begins in all its glory and the design House are throwing their cruise collections, becoming in reality despite follow certain lines and colors each time more in a new urban style that one holiday and in addition to creative are great. In this case Calvin Klein’s loved by colors and striking tones perfectly combined with […]


Swimsuits for The Beach

NOT all swimsuits are functional for a vacation on the beach. Returning from vacation for a week at the beach I realized that not all bathing suits carrying in my bag were “comfortable” to be in the sea. I give you a few tips which are bathing suits that you can not get to the […]

For the Summer Swimwear

Bikinis Swimwear Discount

Going soon to the Sun and looking for a new swimsuit glamour and cheap ? Looking for a swimsuit of relief at lower price history to not wear the same all summer? This is great because our site offers in this moment beautiful bikinis from 3 euros : no doubt, this is indeed true! It’s the […]


Swimwear For The Summer

Without a doubt, the summer is always synonymous with heat, but also for trips to the beach and evenings eternal lying in the sand sea enjoying and admiring the beauty of the women who are there (and their bikinis, of course).