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Slide Sandals: a Very Strong Trend This Season

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Slide sandals, as their name implies, are easy to slip your foot sandals. They have open heel and tip, for allow it maximum ease when donning and removing. They come in a variety of styles that range from high-heeled Sandals by floor, this multiplicity of options is what makes this trend to return each season. (more…)

Swimsuits for The Beach

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NOT all swimsuits are functional for a vacation on the beach. Returning from vacation for a week at the beach I realized that not all bathing suits carrying in my bag were “comfortable” to be in the sea. I give you a few tips which are bathing suits that you can not get to the sea, because they are more apt to be in the pool.


Garibaldi Internazionale Vintage D3O: Retrofresca For Summer Jacket

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Good weather and heat is not synonymous with going out in shirt sleeves and shorts, above all thanks to the wide range of specific clothing for the summer season. Jacket Garibaldi Internazionale Vintage D3O, besides being very cool, maintains the aesthetics of old clothes.

Swimwear: Fashion Is Vintage

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The vintage conquers the world of swimwear: this summer, thanks to the proposals of the fashion houses and the choices of vip on beaches around the world,  the look 1950s depopulated with bikini casti and sensuality, with polka dot prints and pastels, or entire pin-up. This trend, however, don’t have to worry about the curvy, which inded can make the roundness one strength through containment and culotte necklines winking. Here are some ideas from the collections Summer 2015 for a holiday ultra feminine.

Style Check: a Line Dress For Your Summer Wardrobe of Base

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Still I write here about summer fashion for the Office and I’m already running the dress over the way that solves many problems of summer clothes: a purist sliced A line dress. This not only cleverly hidden so many pads on abdomen, waist, butt and thighs, but makes it even bigger. It is suitable, depending […]

5 Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Jackets in Summer

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Sure that the heat has come, now is the time in which much@s of vosotr@s you have decided for taking the step of buying a new motorcycle jacket thissummer.

How to Choose a Dress Shirt

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1 .choose a color. Are you looking for a shirt to a job interview or just want to see fashion?

Do You Have Curves?-Choose Your Bikini This Summer

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Bikini test is a hard confrontation with his body that every woman has to suffer every summer. If this year has gained some pounds more and want to disguise it chooses the bikini that best adapts to your body we are presenting the best proposals for the season!

10 Fashion Trends For Summer

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Do not miss in your closet of the season the clothes and key accessories to deal with the summer season with style. Sun, beach, baths, fun… Summer is the most awaited time of the year, where you get the relax and the time to disconnect, but also the plans and do not neglect. It is time […]

How to Wear a White Shirt in Summer

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Heatwave forces, it twists our eternal white shirt in many ways.Demonstration. The white shirt knotted to a retro spirit As Kirsten Dunst, you can wear the white shirt knotted at the waist with a skirt in denim or suede for a pin up spirit of the 50s . Our fashion tip: With a denim high waist way Marilyn Monroe, the […]

Ways to Wear a Dress Shirt

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As practical as classy, ​​the shirt dress is a valuable ally for the summer wardrobe. The proof required 5. If you do not know what to wear with this weather-slinging mid-Toussaint and you flatly refuse to deny your summer wardrobe, the dress shirt seems to be  THE  part you need.  And because it fits all occasions. Demonstration.

Sublime Shirt Womens

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The shirt goes in all its forms! Stung your Jules returned to annoy even, tied with a knot at the waist for a 90’s look, she changes her appearance to always renew itself! She goes with absolutely everything. Always declined in the Fashion Show, in jabot to remind us of past eras, the componet for more originality, […]

What to Wear for the Cultural Contest

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Have you heard of the talk about the cultural contest? Officer Look of the day rest assured because the battle of looks is already coming to an end. Too bad, because we’re going to miss you!  We love receiving the invitation to participate in the competition, have accompanied these last few months the national repercussions of the […]

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trend Forecast

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Each season, fashion is faced with challenges. Summer brings its brilliance and joy that if transformed into trends – printing. The summer fashion 2016 promises many trends, but actually people are interested in those which are more usable. That is to say, those parts are  not only concepts, but also totally available for everyone. Or, it is not a fashion […]

Stylish Caps Wearing Guide for Men

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Cap in typical Neff fashion. Stylish and unmistakably What’s her purse for women, which is the men’s ball cap. Caps are popular accessories for men. In the women they are fashionable headgear, especially in the summer, very popular. Caps and hats dress up any outfit – whether sporty or casual. Free to feel and occasion […]