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This is the New Brand of Shoes

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Actors, singers, presenters, models … Everybody wants some shoes from the brand new male national that reached the market less than a year ago. It’s called “The Baron’s Cage and was born from the creativity of the Portuguese Bruno Queirós model.


The Portuguese Designer Who Traded His Sculpture

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Marita Iron Arrows, founder and Creative Director of the brand of footwear and accessories Marita Moreno, changed course but never failed to have a sculptural look in how views the current area of your business.


Shoes for Brides 2017: Trends

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Until some time ago, the dresses and hairstyles of the brides were the main reason for your concern. The shoes, of course, also were carefully chosen; However, it was traditional for the use of classical models, which ended up staying almost imperceptible in the set. Now, to the joy of the most daring women, are […]

Shoes in Fall and Winter

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The Via Mars proposes a winter well in your new collection. Still, with ranging from 33 to 40, the brand promises to suit all tastes with the variety of models that make up your line. In sandals, more neutral color – predominate as almond, gray, straw, black and mouse (the brown tone of the moment). A few […]

Schutz Shoes in Winter

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With the winter coming many famous shops and beloved are releasing their collections. The Schutz is a store that sells shoes, handbags and several accessories to make your look more sophisticated. They are one of the best shoe on the market and their collections always RIP sighs of chicks. This year has the collection Schutz Fall with […]

Best Brands of Shoes

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Who doesn’t like to dress well doesn’t it? But I, in addition to caring about the clothes I love betting on the best brands of shoes. Even if some are more expensive, they are worth because of the comfort and durability of the product, after all, spend hours with a high heel is not that easy. […]

Shoes of Revelry

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Attention to footwear in time to skip Carnival The Essay “Fall of the heel” is much more than a simple metaphor to indicate that particular person. This is one of the most common female complaints in orthopedics clinics, mainly between 18 and 50 years. Right after the Carnival, the number of attendances at women with […]

Boots Win the Sweepstakes Floris Van Bommel Advent

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Van Bommel has now since 1734 as the Shoemaker family, in which the high art of the Schusterns from generation to generation, has been passed down now in the ninth. In the manufacturing process, in which only the highest quality materials are used, each shoe is subjected to 280 various special treatments.

New Season, New Shoes

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Hello Hello! New season, new shoes. Spring is here and we can start thinking about fresh clothes and shoes. And for a change, I go there looking for shoes for the girls. Sometimes I think I’m anxious that they fit the same number as me, because honestly they have more shoes in the closet than here’s […]

3 New Ideas to Take Your Shoes

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Well they say that a pair of shoes is the living reflection of your personality and is also one of the main elements that people set their gaze to see you. Your shoes say a lot about you, but what other ways we can bring them to really express who we are?