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My Black Dress

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… most used! This black dress has its history… About two years ago and half went to the only H & M which then handiest stayed (to about 100km) to look at me something for dinner from the company where he worked. (more…)

Short Wedding Dresses

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Along the years dresses pass from generation to generation, the short wedding vestiods are the most sought by the ladies for being a stylish dress and very showy now Jan this century ay very beautiful designs for every occasion as the gala, a Pearly black dress or a deep lilac that when modeling a lady are you spectacular veria and lush. (more…)

Dresses for the Ladies Of Honor

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Several of the brides who soon marry, want your bridesmaids are well dressed of the same color and in a same way, however, there are others that do not set a kind of dress in specific and leave themselves to choose which you like best. Although the choice of the color of the bridesmaids dresses will […]

How Choose the Dresses of the Ladies of Honour

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Choose the design and color of the bridesmaids dresses is a very good opportunity to turn on creativity and allow the imagination since they added that Nick unique and special to the decoration of the wedding. And they are people that you can count at all times. So you avoid future regrets and make your […]

Fashion Prints Sexy Long Dresses

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The warm season is one of the best of the year to show off the figure. But that does not mean little clothing will take, but able to take in every moment of the day the proper attire. So, today I decided to show you a beautiful long dresses Gallery prints of fashion this summer. […]

Beautiful Silk Dresses

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Today show you beautiful silk dresses models. Silk is a delicate and beautiful fabric that makes that it gives you a sophisticated and elegant look at dresses. Because the Silk was made for the first time in the country of China, but today you can see in all the countries of the world; This is […]

Prom Dresses Evening Short

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Collections of dress shorts trends gives a realse marked in recent times, the beauty in a woman are glamorous and sexy dresses. Among these dresses can give major trends with the chord to fashion today:

Party Short Wedding Dresses

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Short dresses for weddings are the most exclusive and extravagant, we can see from the dress best designed to fashion that distinguishes every moment of today’s woman. In these cases we will give you full trends to be able to be the most elegant and beautiful wedding, these party are: