Sweaters For The Winter 2016: The Most Glamorous Models

Inside the new collections nestle several sweaters for the winter 2016,many glamor models to achieve looks very hot and stylish. Whether turtlenecks, woven, smooth, short-sleeved or braids adorned with these garments, during the colder months, are absolutely essential. We saw one of the protagonists of different fashion shows and now you have to choose which ones to put […]


Cocktail Dresses For Young People

Cocktail dresses for young people So do a very beautiful entry the next time you go to attend any event or formal or semi-formal party only have to opt for one of these models of cocktail dresses for young people who will show you immediately and I guarantee that you will be the center of […]


The White Shirt Three Lessons

Nothing is more flattering than a white shirt. GQ gives you the codes for good in all situations. Yes GQ changes his mind like a shirt! If this summer, we advise you to adopt a flower pattern in the fall, we ask you simply to forget in your closet (or burn on the altar of fashion, c […]