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How to Relieve Breast Pain During Pregnancy

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Simple tips that can ease the pain accompanying women’s breasts during pregnancy

Her breasts, as well as other body parts suffer intense transformation during the period of pregnancy. The breasts grow in gestation, are much more sensitive and, unfortunately, usually cause pain during the nine months.There’s no way to put an end to this nuisance. However, there are ways to soften these headaches.


Maternity T-Shirt

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Maternity shirt already here! Yes, yes spring has arrived and with it we shorten our sleeves and let out our tripitas with original t-shirts and fun prints. Why today want to show you a more fun option, whether you’re MOM or you have to make a gift to a dear maternity. (more…)

Dresses Wedding Short For Pregnant

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When we talk about dresses always we must bear in mind the versatile designs and original so that they can be the feeling of an event, but in this case talk about wedding dresses for pregnant women that bring beauty to a woman who will be mother and give this beauty a woman has when in gestation. Today […]

Maternity Wear for Everyday and Special Occasions

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Maternity wear, maternity clothes and nursing wear, yes, dear child has many names! For where it is nice that there are lots of lovely maternity clothes that both look good, follow the current trend, the stomach out sharply and at the same time are comfortable to wear! At Directoryaah, we have over the years been […]