Pearl Necklaces with Pendants

Pearl Necklaces with Pendants

The pearls are measured by millimeters of their diameters. These figures can not say much because those who are not in the business, but for us it is of fundamental importance. This is why we have made this little guide that can help you in choosing your pearls and the following pictures will help you […]

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Chanel, a Modern Princess Necklace

This exquisite necklace is from the collection Spring-Summer 2009 Chanel. Clasp that is closing is so splendid that I do not know if you get it right or upside down. The materials that have been used is metal, glass and plexi accounts. A whirlwind of chains of different designs and the ever-present double C of the maison.


A Style for Every Day of the Week (28)

One Monday more we show a different style for each day. More serious outfits to go to work, more casual for the weekend or looks for family events. A wide variety of items to give you ideas and choose what you like.


Every Fashionista Must Prove at Christmas

Proven is that Christmas is a time of hits but also so many stylistic mistakes. As it happens with weddings, when we planted in the mirror with the freedom of make-up, dress, fit us and we behave in excess, on many occasions we find ourselves at a crossroads of directions without knowing where to go […]


Mother’s Day-Gift Ideas For Your MOM!

Like so many holidays, the mother’s day comes again every year. This special day is dedicated to all mothers. Why? Because they simply have an incredibly responsible and at the same time very demanding role. Mothers are ALLROUNDER, lovingly but also strict. They protect their children no matter what and whom.You find always comforting words and turn back on their […]


How to Choose and Wear a White Shirt

La Chemise blanche Today we will talk about the white shirt basic of menswear that women can incorporate into their wardrobe if you know the aptly associated with other parts.  


How to Wear Large Necklaces

Introduction In recent months are back in fashion, among the hottest accessories for women, large necklaces: necklaces with big pendants, and heavy metal, wood. The great necklaces are a fundamental part of a fashionable outfit and accentuate its essence. Still, it is very easy to wear them properly, and it’s easy to stumble into some mistakes. That’s why I decided to write this short and simple (but […]


Emerald Green Fashion 2016

A lot of people love the color green! And this year the “gods” (= Pantone) choose it as the main color of the year! The emerald green has an association with luxury, nature, well being and harmony. Many people hesitate to use green because they fear of being unsuitable or even ugly. To facilitate the use of […]