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How To Wear Leggings With Ethnic Print

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As you may have seen in many shops, leggings with stamped ethnic or tribal have become the main star in the last season. We are accustomed to see prints on the top of garments or dresses, and less on the bottom, so many doubts can arise when combining this type of garment. (more…)

Corset Wedding Dresses

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The corset or also called bustiers are the new trends for wedding dresses designs, now in these times are used more as different models of designs. The corset is widely used for different dresses as in the torso or waist and neckline, corset wedding dresses are sometimes suits who offered a resemblance to underwear, these types of designs are most commonly used for daring and sexy brides seeking to draw the attention of the men’s public. (more…)

Multi Way Maternity Dress

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Nice mini dress you with a snap can transform into the most beautiful blouse with Wrinkly effect at the bottom. Or to a tunka. In other words, a piece of multi functional maternity clothes from Swedish Boob! Yet a dress with multi functions from Boob: acts as wait dress and tightens you lines in the […]