Ribbons in The Hair Hippie Style Are Fashionable

That’s right, our young celebrities such as Mary Kate Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens (star of High School Musical) have begun to wear ribbons in hair as if we were in the 1970s. The two choose them composed of small beads, but a simple braided leather headband just as great is.


Topshop, Party Collection for the Christmas

Is increasingly less for Christmas and for when want us to realize, they will already be the lights on in all cities. Fashion chains are rushing to launch Special for numerous parties It held on these dates. Topshop, In addition to the collection designed by Kate Moss (who must be virtually sold out in stores), it has also brought four lines […]


How to Wear a White Shirt Casually

Classic white shirt too? With these 25 ideas for looks spotted on Pinterest, you will definitely change your mind about this basic essential! This is a basic, indispensable for all wardrobes-if it’s not, it’s time to remedy!

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Victorian Collar Shirt

Reminiscent of the major-league era, Victorian shirt brings a bit of poetry in our urban outfits. Quick guide to take ownership without seeming disguise.


What to Wear with Plaid Shirts?

In some seasons, the plaid shirt has become essential. But apart with jeans, with what do you wear? We found the solution. The Plaid Shirt, a Classic Fashion If the plaid shirt was born in the 19th century in Irish and Scottish regions, it is clear that today it still has not aged. Heir to the tartan, the […]


How to Wear the White Shirt

It symbolizes the elegance but also the cool side and effortless. Just wear it to feel dressed, kind of like the little black dress. Our site and Our site gives you some ideas to look good in a white shirt. Originally the white shirt is a men’s underwear. It is from 60-70 years she joined the women’s […]