Victoria Beckham Wears His Line Denim

In March, Victoria Beckham announced that it would launch a denim line, along with Western Glove Works, under the label of your brand dVb. As well, the collection is here. A few days ago, we saw the ex-spice wearing jeans belonging to this line. I suppose that now that it will have to promote them, it will be of color jeans.


Far Te Vas Up Skirt? Olivia Palermo and Jessica Alba

¿Where he will go up the skirt? There are skirts that as they are in the stores seem to dresses, with a long shot which could become up to the neck. The own Olivia Palermo became a Zara skirt in a dress. She herself is now who returns to the slopes in together Street looks […]


More Collection Autumn-Winter Stradivarius

Recently he showed you the first part of the collection autumn-winter 08/09 of Stradivarius. As well, today, since one of the most achievable for all complete your collection with these new proposals.


How To Match The Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is evergreen that never sets: let’s see how match it in the right way, for an unconventional look … everything denim! One of the leaders who for some years has strongly back into fashion is undoubtedly the shirt jeans. Clear, washed, very dark, with traditional or press studs, basic and masculine or bulging and decorated, very feminine […]

Smartphones Tops

Victorian Collar Shirt

Reminiscent of the major-league era, Victorian shirt brings a bit of poetry in our urban outfits. Quick guide to take ownership without seeming disguise.


What to Wear with Plaid Shirts?

In some seasons, the plaid shirt has become essential. But apart with jeans, with what do you wear? We found the solution. The Plaid Shirt, a Classic Fashion If the plaid shirt was born in the 19th century in Irish and Scottish regions, it is clear that today it still has not aged. Heir to the tartan, the […]


How to Wear a Denim Shirt

Denim shirt is a garment that has existed for many years but is it all? Well, we would say. It depends on. Just like when it comes to finding the right denim pants are the same when it comes to denim shirt. It should be tight or oversize, with or without friction? Light or dark? With or without the distinctive details […]


How to Wear a Shirt?

Knowing well wear a shirt, an easy art to learn! Everything will depend on the shirt if it is too long, it will be better to wear it tucked in. If you are small, carry out shirt may be more suitable and if you are too corpulent. If you want to convey a serious image, it is better […]


How to Style a Denim Shirt

The trendy look of the 90s, denim shirts, is back and starts to prevail in our wardrobes. For fashionistas tireless, here are some tips to properly showcase their figure with the denim shirt.