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Fashion Is Billionaire in Forbes

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The Forbes billionaires list It is better to not see it too long for mental health, or if the same like masochism Yes. It can take out multiple ideas, among them see which sectors are those who dominate within an exclusive top. The the fashion world is one of the most beneficial to achieving two multi-million dollar positions within the top 10, one by Amancio Ortega and another by Bernard Arnault and his family. Inditex in three and LVMH in 10. If we also have to L’ Oréal in relation to fashion and beauty with Liliane Bettencourt and her family in ninth place, we would talk about three of ten. But these names are not the only ones to appear. Attentive. (more…)

Fashion for Men: 91% of Us Have Bought Some Time at Zara

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91% of men have purchased a Zara ever. For a surprising affirmation words and from Fashion for men We not only share in a timely manner but that we are regular buyers of the firm of Inditex. Only once? That year falls short. And you earnestly fulfill it? (more…)

Celebritie Halloween Disguise This Year

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Each time is more tradition to celebrate Halloween in our country, that is why, with one week’s notice is good time for think of our ideal costume for the occasion. This year from Jezebel, We are committed to celebrities costumes for those who only need imagination and a little bit of mana.

H & M Presents Its New Collection Of Swimsuits And Bikinis

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The hottest days of the year they have already arrived and brands of clothes displayed their latest proposals to go to the last this summer. 

Best Christmas Sweaters 2013

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The Christmas sweaters are all those models made of wool, usually blue, red, green or white, and featuring embroidery, inspired by the characters and the Christmas motifs. Discover what are the proposals of the 2013 Christmas Jumpers.