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Cycling Gloves

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They are not a must-have accessory to ride a bike, but in the majority of cases will bring to your performance in driving.


  • Protect from cold weather
  • They allow greater grip to handle and help control brakes and changes
  • They deliver added protection to your hands, avoiding blisters or calluses
  • In the event of a fall, they would help to prevent scratches and heavy wounds


Glove Scarf Set Winter Accessories

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When cold rears its nose, our hands presto refuge in any warm gloves. Discover the trends of winter 2016 on gloves and mittens.

Leather Gloves, Always Timeless

Hot, tough and resilient like a second skin, leather gloves have many advantages. Some are filled to bring more warmth and softness to chilly. Side look, you’re spoiled for choice: biker leather gloves, long leather gloves style fatal woman … Another trend of the year: the Bimaterial gloves with leather side (see and another in textile, with patterns Scottish wildlife ( leopard example) or foot-holes. Side color, black is still the safe bet, but nothing prevents you to opt for leather gloves of a beautiful brown.