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Simple on the Outside, Provocative on the Inside

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When we speak of Oysho not only do so to speak of his lingerie collection or swimwear. No, its collections stretch and gradually extended its range of clothes for the gym, their great pajamas and those fabulous dresses Once at home don’t know if they are out on the street or at home. I have one black for several seasons ago that is pierced and the truth is that, thanks to the shape and the color, season after season in my outfits prevails. So this time the firm presents simple proposals to take to the streets while the fun and the color resides inside: lingerie sets. (more…)

Miami and Panama’s Trucco Collection

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And continue with trends for this summer, this time by the firm Trucco. We had already seen some signature outfits, but now they bring us more news with two other lines: Panama and Miami, two name very exotic, perfect for the summer. (more…)

Stradivarius Spring-Summer

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Finally we have the first images from the collection of Stradivarius. Under the name Feel Stradiblue, the campaign slogan of this firm as hand to all, presents the latest trends for the season Spring-Summer 2009. I was looking forward to seeing them, and lamverdad, your clothes have not I disappointed because what he would buy me everything.