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How to Shine and Shine Your Shoes, Step-By-Step

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Bruno Passos wrote some time ago an excellent text explaining what care we should take with our shoes to keep them always with that face again and well maintained.


3 Outfits to Combine Red Shoes

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No other shoe can make a statement at a glance as does the Red shoe. A pair of red shoes can add a touch of fashion, even to the most simple of the outfits. They need not be only stubs, you can use a pair of red shoes in any style and insurance that fall you very well in all seasons. However, the red shoes are also very difficult; a single error in the choice of the right combination and you can kill all the glamour of these red beauties. Read on to uncover some fashion ideas for combining red shoes. (more…)

3 Home Remedies to Eliminate Odors in Your Shoes

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Odors in shoes is one of the most horrific and repulsive problems, especially in spring and summer when the foot perspires through the heat. The use of closed shoes gives you great comfort, but on the other hand has the disadvantage of not allowing the passage of air in full, does not provide the evaporation […]

3 Comfortable Shoes That Every Woman Needs

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“Give a woman the right shoes and you will conquer the world” do you remember this phrase of Marilyn Monroe? Certainly, there is no doubt the fact that shoes are a woman’s best friend; today women do not need to limit their options since there is a wide variety of styles and colors to choose […]

3 Dress Shoes That Every Gentleman Must Have

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Dress shoes are essential for any wardrobe and its power to stay on trend has shown increasingly. They look great with slacks and jeans; they are perfect for any day in the office or for a semi-formal occasion. A quick look to the 3 types of dress shoes that every gentleman must have done.

3 Essential for Office Shoes

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George Fraser once said: “If you want to know if a guy is well dressed, turn down” was right indeed! A pair of shoe defines your personality above all in the office where you want to look like a pro. A pair of shoes of quality well polished and can enhance your outfit whole, even […]

3 Shoes to Wear with a White Shirt

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A common perception about women is that they never have nothing to wear despite the hundreds of dresses that hang in his closet, and therefore, the choice of a dress each morning is a very difficult task; When the choice is becoming more and more complicated all opt for a white shirt, so here we […]

3 Shoes That Every MOM Should Have

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A mother, especially shoes, costume options are chosen largely for their needs in comparison to what you like or want to. For a mother who is constantly on the move, either to pick up children from school, take them to their ballet classes or run behind them by supermarket; the importance of the functionality and […]

What Shoes Wear to a Wedding in Spring?

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Dress for a spring wedding is as exciting as complicated. This season, the weather is not as cold or too hot. Given that a lot of people have problems with what type of shoes used for a wedding in the spring, we have prepared some excellent options, both for men and for women.

Colorful Shoes: How to Use, Tips

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Check out all about colorful shoes: how to use, tips. There are a myriad of models that promise to leave your look more fun, daring and full of personality. The pieces are responsible for adding a touch of color to visual, especially when vibrant tones and flashy value.

Key Accessories in Shoes for Spring and Summer

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Surprisingly the majority of women have a desire for the shoes to an extreme level, so that this spring you fall in love with you even more shoes and key accessories.

How to Identify Fake Brand Shoes

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Just like the clothes, the shoes also for a forgery in the fashion world. Pirated products are increasingly popular in the market, deceiving consumers who search for quality original products. Some details can help to identify a counterfeit product. Learn more.

Key Colors in Shoes for Spring and Summer

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Are you one of those who closely follow the fashion trends? Well, this article is especially for footwear lovers have been waiting for the key colors in shoes for the next spring-summer.

Shoes Encore Un Bout: Templates, How to Use

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Until recently, they were considered tacky, but since that Christian Louboutin has launched the Bis model Un Bout, transparent shoes turned up and won the celebrity fashionistas like. A more affordable cost, made by other brands the Encore Un Bout promises to be the sensation of the summer 2013.

How to Combine the Color of Your Nails and Shoes?

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Pedicure? You made! Now the big question is which style of shoes will complement best to look perfect feet, painted and polished. In many parts of the world it is believed that a good pair of shoes will take you to great places and we think that combination with a perfect nail enamel there will […]

Shoes for Brides 2017: Trends

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Until some time ago, the dresses and hairstyles of the brides were the main reason for your concern. The shoes, of course, also were carefully chosen; However, it was traditional for the use of classical models, which ended up staying almost imperceptible in the set. Now, to the joy of the most daring women, are […]

How to Combine Your Shoes Red?

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Red is perhaps, the most popular color among women, of course, without leaving aside the coffee, black and blue. This color in itself, is enough to bring dynamism to shoes without a major motif in footwear.

How to Combine Beige Shoes?

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Beige shoes can be combined with a huge variety of garments and styles with their colour neutral and adaptable. It is one of the most widely used shoe colors and doesn’t have any problems to get along with clothes. You have 3 or 4 pairs of beige shoes in different styles will complement almost completely […]

How to Combine Nautical Type Shoes?

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Nautical shoes, a basic style for modern times, were originally intended to be used by sailors on the ships. They usually have the rubber outsole with duct design which keeps the firm foot especially in wet conditions. Although this feature sometimes overlooked in modern nautical type shoes styles, they are still a trend and a […]

How to Clean Your Suede Shoes?

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If you’re reading this, it is likely that you have a pair of suede shoes dirty at home and you are wishing to restore that stain on your shoe; don’t worry, we are here with some tips easy to save your suede shoe.