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Different Types of Men’s Scarves

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It is always located to wrap some cloth around the neck …

It asks a man to count up all male accessories available so the list becomes probably very short. The usual answers are: ” Hmm, watch, engagement ring and ehhhh belt? “, Which is understandable, for the talk not so much about male accessories. Pray to the same man enumerate feminine accessories, well, the list becomes long, ranging from earrings to rings, hair clips and scarves … But wait, scarf’s not a kvinlig accessory, it is 100% unisex, just like the watch and bracelet.


Dresses for Summer

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The rays of Sun and summer dresses are welcomed to the summer season, and its freshness and lightness are becoming a very flattering ally.

Joyful and funny prints cover magic sunny days and vaporous dresses offer a sense of freedom without limits.


How to Recognize a (Beautiful) White Shirt

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This is a recurring question of my shopping sessions: “This is how a beautiful white shirt? “. Unless you have lived with BHL, we have the right to question.