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How To Use Pearls

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Perolas overview or status chique and iconic ladylike: I thought Coco Chanel ever seen foi sem fio, Carrie Bradshaw ou um em “Sex and the City.” UMA time um symbol gives royalty, pots – faux, cultured or natural – estão agora disponíveis para wants add style classico for o seu ensemble. UM casting of pots is a elegant piece of jewelry that pode emparelhar com seu perfectly elegant mais ou SUA roupa casual simple dress. Know how to use perolas e to chave, e or e manter or simple olhar fundamental principle.


How to Wear a White Shirt Casually

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Classic white shirt too? With these 25 ideas for looks spotted on Pinterest, you will definitely change your mind about this basic essential!

This is a basic, indispensable for all wardrobes-if it’s not, it’s time to remedy!


The White Shirt Three Lessons

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Nothing is more flattering than a white shirt. GQ gives you the codes for good in all situations. Yes GQ changes his mind like a shirt! If this summer, we advise you to adopt a flower pattern in the fall, we ask you simply to forget in your closet (or burn on the altar of fashion, c […]

How to Wear Shirt Fashionably

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Once relegated to the status of underwear, the shirt was elevated to a basic fashion in advocating a refinement in its purest form. Decryption.

The White Shirt

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Women have their little black dress, we men have the white shirt. A timeless, chic and easy to wear, never inappropriate: the must-have among the must-have ! See models need absolutely hold in her wardrobe:

How to Lengthen a Shirt That’s Too Short

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If you have a love-hate relationship with your favorite shirts, it’s time to do a little surgery shirt DIY and rekindle the love story all over again. A major summit that is too short can be frustrating;stop pulling on the hem and do something so that you can again wear that shirt without all the anxiety. Add […]

Sublime Shirt Womens

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The shirt goes in all its forms! Stung your Jules returned to annoy even, tied with a knot at the waist for a 90’s look, she changes her appearance to always renew itself! She goes with absolutely everything. Always declined in the Fashion Show, in jabot to remind us of past eras, the componet for more originality, […]