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Tips to Choose the Sports Bra

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Very common is that at the start in the sport not are you of the sports bra that we would need sufficient importance and keeps pulling the conventional. This is a grave mistake, because every day Bras do not provide enough subject, so it can create lesions in the chest, in addition to be very uncomfortable for the physical activity and not sweating, which in turn is little toilet. The main function of the sports bra is to protect MOM and avoid the impact as well as injuries also favours your pick up. (more…)

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra: Keys to the Perfect Garment

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Choosing a sports bra that is adapted to our physical is key. It depends on the future strength of the chest, it is still a topic that not all women will dominate. They do it with models of daily and much less those exclusively used to go to the gym or go jogging. (more…)

Choosing A Sports Bra

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A sports bra is a female garment whose function is the attachment of the chest, but that is designed specifically for the realization of a sports physical activity. This means that it has additional properties to provide an extra grip that allows the realization of physical exercise with maximum comfort. But before we talk about […]

Seven Out Of Ten Women Do Not Wear Their Size And Bra Cup

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Today we want to share with all of you the interview we were given at El Periódico de Catalunya where we talked about the issues surrounding bra sizes and cups that, as experienced professionals in the sector, we check daily.